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Last updated on June 10, 2021

Divorce is the legal process to dissolve a marriage and it can be a deeply emotional, upsetting and stressful time. At Gagne McChrystal De Lorenzo & Burghardt in Milwaukee, we are aware of the trauma divorce can cause parties and their children when handled incorrectly. We have represented numerous clients through litigation and mediation and can provide solid representation to protect your rights.

Issues When Ending A Marriage

In a Wisconsin divorce case, the divorcing parties, with assistance from their family law attorneys, determine the best way to resolve issues that include:

We put our clients’ priorities first and can help you navigate all stages of legally ending a marriage. We will be at your side, keeping you informed at each step of your case.

3 Approaches To Divorce: Traditional, Collaborative And Cooperative

We provide different approaches to divorce, depending on the client, as well as the facts and circumstances of your case. These approaches include traditional divorce, cooperative divorce and collaborative divorce. Our lawyers are experienced in all methods of providing Wisconsin family law services. We will meet with you to discuss the facts and circumstances of your case and help you determine the best process to resolve your issues.

Traditional family law proceedings are based on an adversarial model, which begins with an exchange of information and negotiations. Issues that are not resolvable through negotiations are presented to a court to determine a final outcome. In all processes, our goal at Gagne McChrystal De Lorenzo & Burghardt is to effectively negotiate a fair and reasonable resolution, if possible. However, if issues are not resolvable through negotiations, we are experienced and effective litigators and are ready to argue your case in court. There are several different ways to approach a case.

Cooperative divorce is a somewhat highbred approach and tends to be how our attorneys begin most cases. In a cooperative divorce, our goal is to work with the other side to reach agreements where appropriate by engaging in respectful negotiations and informal discovery; these are tenets of the cooperative divorce process. The goal in cooperative divorce is to proceed through the case efficiently in order to save clients money and time.

When cooperative divorce is unsuccessful in moving a case forward, our attorneys are adept at moving to a traditional adversarial model using formal discovery, motion pleading, and, ultimately, trying the case to a judge. Aggressive litigation is rarely the first approach but may be necessary in high conflict cases.

Collaborative family law attorneys have special training to represent clients through the collaborative process. In collaborative cases, attorneys and parties, together with other professionals as needed, work together in a cooperative and nonadversarial process. The intent to resolve the case in this manner is formalized via a contract between attorneys and parties which is filed with the court. The goal is to reach a settlement that provides the greatest benefit to all family members. Attorneys and parties voluntarily disclose all financial and other relevant information and proceed in a respectful way toward settlement. Cases often proceed with a series of meetings and include, in some cases, the use of other financial specialists, child specialists and mental health providers. The parties are actively involved in the process and serve as architects of their final agreement. For more information regarding Wisconsin collaborative family law, please talk with one of our collaborative family law attorneys.

Dividing Property

Wisconsin is a “community property state”, which means everything you and your spouse own together is presumptively divided 50-50. You can choose to distribute this community property differently, if both of you agree to an uncontested divorce, or, in some cases, the court will determine that an unequal division is appropriate. Learn more about splitting your assets and property in an appointment with one of our divorce attorneys.

Schedule An Appointment With An Experienced Divorce Lawyer

We understand how divorce can be a trying time for everyone in the family. Our empathetic attorneys will put your needs first with personalized attention. Contact us for a case evaluation at 414-273-5551 or through email. We will discuss all of the details of your case and potential outcomes.