Solving Problems With Parent Coordination

Sometimes the dynamic between two parents is such that reaching cooperative agreements regarding their children is difficult. In these cases, parents sometimes agree to use a parent coordinator, special master or limited-scope arbiter when a quick decision is needed. The role of the parent coordinator is to learn each parent’s position and interests, engage in follow-up investigation, as necessary, and, ultimately, issue a written decision to resolve the dispute.

How A Parent Coordinator Can Help

A parent coordinator serves in many ways, including:

Utilizing a parent coordinator will allow you to settle your differences with the other parent without litigation. This will likely make your pre-divorce or post-divorce life easier, less stressful and less costly.

Innovative Mediation Assistance

A parent coordinator may only become involved by agreement of both the parents or through appointment by the family court. The issues that are subject to this decision-making process are determined in advance of participation in the process.

At the family law firm of Gagne McChrystal De Lorenzo & Burghardt, located in Milwaukee, we are experts in serving as a parent coordinator. We can help you make the best decisions that will help you and your family avoid problems in the future.

A Neutral Parent Coordinator Can Help You Resolve Disputes

When a parenting relationship is contentious, it may be in your best interest to have a neutral outside professional assist in the decision-making process. The quicker you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can make decisions regarding your children, the sooner your divorce will be final.

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