What Are Post-Judgment Proceedings?

Last updated on February 23, 2021

At Gagne McChrystal De Lorenzo & Burghardt, we recognize that circumstances change. Even after the finalization of a divorce or paternity case, it may be necessary to revisit the situation months or possibly years later. We refer to these as post-judgment proceedings. Generally, these proceedings fall under two categories, enforcement and modification.

To better understand how to approach a post-judgment proceeding, consult one of our attorneys. Regardless of your situation, our attorneys have the resources to guide you through the post-judgment process.

When Might A Modification Be Necessary?

Substantial changes in a person’s life can lead to hardships or other issues. Such challenges may call for adjustments to certain provisions in the divorce judgment. Known as modifications, they can be confirmed through an agreement or court order.

Examples of reasons for modifications include:

  • RelocationWhen a parent needs to move for a job or other reasons
  • Change of placement — When there is a change in the child’s place of residence
  • Income fluctuations — When there is an increase or decrease in a parent’s income

Placement and custody schedules, child support and maintenance are areas within a divorce that may require a modification.

What Is Enforcement? What Is Contempt? Do I Need Legal Representation?

Enforcement actions occur when a party does not comply with a court order. For instance, a party may habitually return the children late from placement, or fail to pay child support or maintenance as ordered by the court. We can help you enforce your divorce judgment by representing you before the court. In addition to the court ordering to make payments, the court will order “makeup payments,” interest and perhaps the reimbursement of your attorney fees.

Whether you are seeking to enforce an order, need to defend an accusation of contempt, or want to make changes to an existing judgment, we can help you. Schedule a consultation with one of our skilled family law lawyers at your earliest convenience.

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