How to divorce a narcissist successfully

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Perhaps you fell for his or her attractive charm and lime-light personality. Sometimes, it is not always obvious when you are in the thick of a relationship with someone that they are really a narcissist at heart. Narcissists have a clever way of making sure people like them, until you realize the true tank they’re interested in keeping filled is their own inflated ego and delusional self-aggrandizing beliefs.

In fact, divorcing a narcissist may be harder than being married to one. The divorce process is a direct assault on their well-coifed persona. Underneath the illusion of being in love with themselves, narcissists are quite fragile and weak inside. Therefore, divorce retaliation can feel like a nightmare to the other person in the relationship.

Here are some tips on how to win against a narcissist during divorce:

  • Keep good records about everything – Don’t assume that anything about the divorce process will be amicable. Narcissists will pick a fight with every single detail. Get a lawyer immediately and start keeping hard evidence of all records that will support your case in court.
  • Be consistent in court – Narcissists will try to weaken your case by making the process long and expensive, hoping you will give-up or give-in to them having their way. Don’t let this happen. You must show consistency and continue to fight for the duration of the divorce process.
  • Have a strong support team – Divorcing a narcissist is more taxing than the average divorce. Make sure you have a strong support team that should include a therapist. Your mental health and well-being is important. If you fail to have a strong support team, you could find yourself battling with severe depression and extreme anxiety.

Divorce is hard enough without having the added stress and anxiety of a narcissistic ex-spouse. It might be extra difficult when there are child custody issues involved. The best advice for succeeding through the divorce process with a narcissist is getting a good lawyer. Experienced legal expertise is invaluable when dealing with highly difficult people.