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A How-To Guide on Choosing the Best Divorce Mediator for You

You want a divorce, and you've decided to mediate. As you probably know, choosing the mediation route is only a small part of the overall divorce process. Now, you need to figure out how to find a divorce mediator who is competent, qualified, and accessible.

How to Be a Successful Co-Parent - Part One

Co-parenting after a divorce is never easy, especially if you have a strained relationship with your ex-spouse. During a split, concerns and stressors can start to arise, be it with regards to your ex's parenting abilities, child support or finances, or the emotional strain of conflict or resentment. While no one enters a marriage or has children with the intention of getting divorced - engaging in amicable, communicative co-parenting can not only reduce some of these stressors, but also help your children establish more secure, stable, and healthy relationships with both parents.

Creating A Parenting Plan Checklist

Developing a parenting plan is a necessary, sometimes challenging task. Your parenting plan will outline how you and your co-parent will handle potential parenting issues, as well as support the upbringing of your child(ren) following divorce. By referencing what actions to take/follow in managing different parent-to-parent and parent-to-child situations, your plan will ultimately make raising kids across separate residences easier.

10 Common Mistakes That Could Impact Your Finances During a Settlement

Navigating divorce is not easy on couples, emotionally or financially. Every year, there are nearly one million divorces in the United States, leaving many spouses financially devastated as a result. Because accepting unfair settlements is a leading cause of these financial challenges, knowing the common settlement blunders that others make can reduce your risk of experiencing the serious costs of divorce. Here, we will address 10 financial errors commonly made when negotiating a divorce settlement.

How to Be a Successful Co-Parent - Part Two

In the first part of this article, we discussed the initial challenges of co-parenting; specifically, communicating the context of the divorce to your children. Because a high-conflict divorce can have negative impacts on a child, including delayed adjustment, strained parent-child relationships, anxiety, and negative coping strategies such as substance abuse, it is crucial for parents to combat these outcomes with long-term collaborative strategies made in the best interest of their children.

6 Ways to Tell if Your Marriage is Drifting Toward Divorce

All marriages have their highs and lows, but how do you know if what you're going through is just a rough patch or a precursor to the end? Are the issues you're facing something you can work through, or is that just not in the cards? Consider these 6 signs that your marriage may be headed for divorce.

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